Alderman: This is your biggest ENERGY challenge ever!

Make more than 1000 homes climate neutral every day, on every day of the year, for more than 20 years! That is the assignment from the UN climate agreement to you and your fellow aldermen, the city council and the entire official organization of all municipalities in the Netherlands together. Are you going to do that without the (future) residents? No! And are you going to have new natural gas construction added to it, which will make the challenge of the future even greater?

That is not business as usual! How do you ensure that you can handle this assignment?

I am happy to send you my ebook: “Natural gas-free and what next?” Written from your role in the municipality. Enter your name and e-mail address in pop-up or form so I can send it to you immediately.

Discover the seven steps to get ENERGY for yourself and your municipality. With the eighth step as a bonus tip you are ENERGETIC enough to face this huge challenge!

Two elephants in one fell swoop

Handing over to Cora-Yfke Sikkema, alderman for Haarlem

Most gas pipes in the Netherlands must be replaced between 2020 and 2040. What a great moment to immediately use alternatives. Natural gas is now used in buildings for heating, cooking and hot water. You can replace that with a weighted electranet, a heat network or heat-cold storage combinations. Those are not two flies, but two elephants in one fell swoop! An ambitious project with which you can profile yourself – or where you can stumble.

What is involved?

Handing over to Dorine Putman-Devilee, ethical bank ASN bank at Building Holland

Zoning plan for your new construction for 2018 adjusted to Natural gas free? Do you want to get your municipality’s old development contract with a developer or contractor free of gas? Do you want your new or existing natural gas-free school to work energetically for the neighborhood? That is all possible together with the (prospective) residents!

Who are all involved?

Signing Green Deal Natural gas-free neighborhoods

Retailers, companies with and without their own premises, building owners, schools, healthcare institutions, residents and employees. We all have to deal with this enormous transition. But also financiers, investors, insurers, construction and installation companies, the construction industry, the transport sector, the media, your civil servants and your own political colleagues.

Keep it warm

Ready for the Masterclass at REALY Brussels

The transition is a mega-challenge in the social, communicative, logistics, financial, organizational, political, technical and architectural fields. Inner cities, monuments, pre-war construction, apartments in complex high-rise buildings and ground-level terraced houses all need their own approach.

The city requires different solutions than the countryside. In this transition you also have to include all residents, organizations and companies, keeping it warm for everyone.

How do you get everyone involved?

Handover to Pallas Agterberg, strategic adviser Alliander – in Pakhuis de Zwijger

Connect, for example, to natural adaptation moments of buildings, such as a sale or new rental moment. In addition to money, especially comfort enhancement and home improvement can convince people. Every situation requires its own approach. Did you prepare that?


How are you going to approach it and where do you get the ENERGY from? I’m going to help you with that. This ebook provides you with tools for your preparation. Show your leadership as an alderman and involve everyone who gets involved with it in time. That is immediately from today!

ENERGY stands for the seven steps in this e-book:

  1. Handing over to Roebyem Anders, chief mission officer at Sungevity – at CIRCL Amsterdam Zuidas

    Balance of interests

  2. Network of stakeholders
  3. Efficient, effective and unambiguous
  4. Risk and return
  5. Building adaptation for families and users
  6. Internal political coordination and decision-making
  7. External communication

To get started as an ENERGETIC alderman I have a bonus step for you:

  1. Core organization and internal administrative coordination

Now you know where you get the ENERGY from and become ENERGETIC from!

Download the ebook “Natural gas-free and how to proceed?” Written from your role in the municipality and start today!